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Rock Testing Equipments
We are a well known name in manufacturing testing instruments which are available in economical prices. These products are well integrated with various essentials. Following are the products we are offering under this category:
KEWIL Brazilian Test Apparatus
Our wide range of Brazilian test apparatus are used for indirect measurement of tensile strength of rocks. These meets the requirements of IS:10082-1982 for use with ‘NX’ size core samples. Further, our equipment comprises of the following:

• Loading frame with 100kN capacity, having a base and a cross head joined together with two solid pillars with nuts. At the top, the pillars have long threads for height adjustment and on the base, a 100kN hydraulic jack is centrally fixed between the pillars. This jack has an integral pumping unit and oil reservoir.

• A 100kn capacity pressure gauge is fixed to the jack for indicating the load on the specimen and also an operating handle is provided with the jack.

• Brazilian Attachment for ‘NX’ core size specimen with thickness half the diameter with two loading jaws. The lower jaw has two guide pins fixed with it and the upper jaw has two guide holes for the guide rods to hold the two jaws aligned. Further, the upper jaw has a spherical seating on the upper side to seat a ball for self-alignment and supplied complete with the steel ball.
KEWIL Digital Rock Shear
We offer digital rock shear, which comprises of two controllers, hydraulic power pack with tandem pump to feed two actuators. These are available in the sizes of 300 mm x 300 mm x 450 mm, which can contain maximum rock specimens of 300 x 300 x 150 mm that are naturally or artificially jointed in any shape and form.

Further, the parameters like normal load and shearing load on strain basis or stress basis are controlled through the computer. In addition, on line graphical presentation is shown on the monitor. Moreover, after completion of the tests.

our range helps to plot the following graphs on the window operated software.

• Shear force Vs horizontal displacement.
• Horizontal displacement Vs vertical displacement.
• Shear stress Vs normal stress.

KEWIL Rock Bolt Pull Out Test
We offer rock bolt pull out test, which are made as per the B.I.S. 11309, ASTM D4435, ISRM standards. These are used to measure the working and ultimate capacities of rock bolt anchors.

Further, our products comprises of a central hole jack, hand pump with load gauge, directional control valve and only for central hole jacks above the capacity of 500kN, flexible pipes, truss high tensile test rod with coupling.

Moreover, the load cell can be used for the measuring of pull out load and arrangement is provided for fixing dial gauge for estimating deflection against the load. In addition to this, we provide different size of adopters with the high tensile test rod.

KEWIL Core Drilling Machine
Our range of core drilling machines are of light weight, versatile and easy to operate. These are designed with a tubular frame mounted on two pneumatic tyres. In addition to this, we also provide a hook in the front side of the frame to be towed behind a jeep and the tyres have been so placed that the total machine is balanced.

Further, the main gear box gives a manual feed of 600 mm can be rotated in any direction that is 0-360o for a convenient angle of drilling. It is powered by 4.8 H.P. diesel engine and suitable for taking cores up to the diameter of 150 mm and depth more than 4-5 meters with help of extension rods and bits.
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