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Material Testing Equipment
We are a well known name in manufacturing material testing instruments which are available in economical prices. These products are well integrated with various essentials. Following are the products we are offering under this category:
KEWIL Tensile Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machines for universal application, in substantial two column construction, especially designed for metallurgical and research laboratories.

The machines are capable of giving accurate date on the physical properties of materials in a rapid and simple manner.

Suitable for conducting tensile tests on materials aluminium, rubber, plastic, leather, asbestos, PVC, etc., as per various standards like IS, BS, DIN, ASTM etc. The specimens in shapes of wires, cables, dumbbell, and strips can be tested by selection of appropriate grips.

It is designed for conducting Izod and Charpy test. The Test method confirms to IS: 1598-1997, 1757-1973, 1499-1977, 3766-1977 as well as BS: 131-Part 1,2,3 & 4 - 1972.
KEWIL Impact Testing Machine
The pendulum is mounted on antifriction bearings. It has two starting positions, the upper one for Charpy and the lower one for Izod testing. One release, the pendulum swings down to break the specimen and the energy absorbed in doing so is measured as the difference between the height of drop before rupture and the height of rise after rupture of the test specimen and is read from the position of maximum pointer on the dial scale.
KEWIL Torsion Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine is designed for conducting Torsion and Twist Tests on various metal wires, tubes and steel materials. Torque measurement is by Pendulum Dynamometer System. Torque ranges can be adjusted. Torque can be applied to specimen by geared motor through gear box. Autographic recorder can be provide to know the relation between torque and angle of twist on specific request. The accuracy of the torque indication + 1% of the true torque.
KEWIL Spring Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine enable load deflection tests of tension and compression springs to be carried out accurately and quickly.

The Cabinet contains the hydraulic unit the hand wheel of the pump and the release valve handle are outside the cabinet for easy operation. This compact base carrier two fixed upright and four horizontal plates. The first and the third plates with two small uprights from an adjustable frame. The second and the fourth plates are fixed. A square threaded wheel arrangements provided for adjusting the height of the springs.

A Bourdon type Gauge is fixed for direct load measurements. One fixed upright is graduated to denote the deflections or tension of the springs for direct readings. A thimble with on arrow mark is provided to facilitate the readings. The machine is capable of accommodating 8" length 1/2" dial. rod up to 4" dia. springs for tension, 6" length 1/2" dia. rod, 4" springs for compression. Scale graduations are made up to 15 cms

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