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NDT Concrete Testing Equipments
Following are the products we are offering under this category:
kEWIL Concrete Test Hammer
Useful for non-destructive estimation of quality of concrete of a finished structure and its relative compressive strength.

The instrument consists of a casing in which a hammer mass, special spring, hammer locking and release mechanism are housed.

A spherical ended plunger projects at one end which, when pressed against the test surface, actuates the release mechanism of the hammer mass.

It gives an impact on the plunger. The hammer mass rebounds after the impact and an indicator registers the amount of rebound on a linear scale. The compressive strength of the material can be computed from the calibration diagram supplied with each hammer.

It gives results within +15% of actual compressive compressive strength.

Supplied complete with a grinding stone in a wooden carrying case.
KEWIL SCHMIDT Test Hammer Type N:
Measuring range 10 to 70 N/mm² compressive strength (below 25 N/mm² type P is better suited). Impact energy = 2,207 Nm. Rebound values are read from a scale. Testing the compressive strength of a prefabricated concrete girder. Rebound values are recorded by an assistant who will calculate mean values and read compressive strength values from a conversion diagram.

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