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Cement Testing Equipment
In this category, we present various equipment related to cement. Our entire range is qualitative and at the same time cost effective. All the products are manufactured using premium quality raw material and advanced machinery. Following are the products we are offering under this category:
KEWIL Blain Air Permeability Apparatus
IS : 4031, IS : 5516, BS : 4359 Part-II

The apparatus comprises one each of permeability Cell “U” tube manometer with stop cock mounted on a laminated wooden stand, perforated metal disc, plunger, Rubber, Stopper, Rubber tube with rubber bulb.

Spares :
a) Laminated wooden stand with ‘U’ tube monometer with stop cock.
b) Permeability Cell complete with perforated metal disc, non -perforated disc and plunger.

KEWIL Le-Chatelier Mould : IS : 269, 4031 (P-IX) BS : 890, 915
It consists of a small split cylinder forming a mould on either side of the split cylinder, two parallel indicating arms with pointed ends are attached.
Supplied complete with two glass plates and lead weight.
KEWIL Laboratory Cement Autoclave WITH STAINLESS STEEL CHAMBER 21 kg/cm.sq. pressure as per IS : 4031-1968, IS : 1624-1960.
The Autoclave is suitable for conducting accelerated soundness test on cements or the autoclave expansion test requiring constant steam pressure with the correspondent constant pressure. It is consists of a stainless steel cylinder with a welded heat insulated voer, mounted on a sturdy supporting frame, enclosed in a heat insulated metel housing, attractively finished. The attached control unit encloses sensitive pressure regulator and pressure gauge, power switches and pilot lights for controlling the electric heating units inside Chamber Dimension-15 cm dia meter x 40.5 cm height suitable for operation on 230 v, 50 hz, Single phase, A.C. supply.

Supplied complete with test bar holder Special rack to hold specimens above water level in the autoclave and in vertical position to expose them in the same manner.
KEWIL Vicat Apparatus, With Dashpot
Confirming to IS : 5513-1976
For determination of consistency of standard cement paste and initial and final settingtimes of cement. The equipment comprises the following :-
i) A frame with a vertically movable rod having a cap at the top.
ii) Vicat mould in the form of frustum of a cone with internal diameter of 60 mm at the top, 70 mm at the bottom and a height of 40 mm.
iii) Glass base plate for the mould.
iv) Initial Setting Time Needle.
v) Final Setting Time Needle.
vi) Consistency plunger.

1. setting time needle.
2. Final setting time needle
3. Consistency plunger.
4. vicat mould

KEWIL Flow Table (Hand Operated) IS: 712-1984
it is used for determining the workability of building lime.
It comprises :
i) One 300 mm dia polished steel table with three engraved circles of 70 mm, 110 mm and 190 mm dia at the top face.
ii) A frame having a horizontal shaft carrying a cam on one side and a wheel on the other, adjusted to raise the table by 12.5 mm and allow it to fall freely.
iii) Truncated conical mould 65 mm inside dia at the bottom, 40 mm inside dia at top and 90 mm high.

1. Flow Mould.

KEWIL Planetary Mixing Apparatus
IS : 10890-1984, IS: 1727-1967
it isused for preparation of plastic mortar of cement and pozzolanic materials for making different types of test specimens in the laboratories.
The apparatus comprises the following :-

i) A motor-driven mixer which simultaneously imparts two motions to the mixing paddle i.e. revolving and planetary, they being opposite to one another in direction as per IS standards. A two speed gear box is incorporated in the drive which makes the paddle revolve at approximately 140 and 285 r.p.m. with corresponding planetary motion of 62 and 125 r.p.m. respectively.

ii) A stainless steel mixing paddle of the specified shape and dimensions which can be attached or removed easily.

iii) A stainless steel mixing bowl of about 6 litre capacity. This can be held with the mixing apparatus and its height is adjustable.

iv) A scraper made from semi rigid rubber blade attached to a handle about 150 mm long. The blade is about 75 mm long and 50 mm wide.
Suitable for operation on 220v, 50 Hz, single phase supply.
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of very high quality Cement Testing Equipments like Blain Air Permeability Apparatus, Le-Chatelier Mould,Laboratory Cement Autoclave with stainless steel chamber, Vicat Apparatus with dashpot, Planetary Mixing Apparatus from New Delhi, India.

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