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We are a well known name in manufacturing testing instruments which are available in economical prices. These products are well integrated with various essentials. Following are the products we are offering under this category:

KEWIL Standard Penetrometer
IS : 1203, 1448 (P:60), 310, IP 49, 50 ASTM D-5, 217, D-637
For determining the consistency of grease, petroleum. Bitumen, tar, wax, food stuffs, rubber, cement, asphalt and pharmaceutical creams, etc.

It has a base with levelling screws on which a vertical pillar is mounted. A head together with dial, plunger rod & cone (or needle) slides on the pillar and can be clamped at any desired height.

A rack, pinion and pointer assembly provides fine adjustment to the needle and the slipping clutch mechanism enables accurate measurements of penetration. The dial is graduated in 40 x 0.1 mm divisions. Easy reading is made possible by using a red needle against black graduated figures.
Supplied complete with one 50 gms and 100 gms weight without cone or needle.

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